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24 jan


Ahoy! Today has, despite what you might think from the image above been a good day. It started in much [&hellip

20 jan


Ahoy! It is time for yet another update regarding our status over here. After spending last saturday pouring concrete into [&hellip

16 jan

Blue Blubber Melting

Good evening, One thing I was quite worried about when thinking about the adventure in Australia.. It wasn’t the snakes, [&hellip

14 jan

VLOG – Middle of nowhere

  Good day again! Just thought I’d share this VLOG made during the journey from Orange to Port Macquire and [&hellip

12 jan


Good day! We have now successfully arrived in Manly, just east of Brisbane after a couple of hours on the [&hellip

9 jan

Travelling Pics

Unloaded bike by the campsite. Nashdale, NSW  Heading north, west of Nashdale NSW  Middle of nowhere, heading to Newcastle NSW  [&hellip

9 jan

To the coast again

Hi, Well, this has been an interesting couple of days I must say, as a lot has happened and we [&hellip

8 jan

VLOG – Flynn Beach

Vlog from our brief stop in Flynn Beach in Port Macquire. It is according to the locals the best beach [&hellip

5 jan

Ride up Mount Canobolas

Good morning! Finally my best ride video so far has been uploaded and is ready for your enjoyment. The ride [&hellip

4 jan

Wind of change

Hi, We have now spent three weeks (or is it four? or an eternity?) living in a tent in rural [&hellip

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