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2 jan

VLOG – The way we live

Howdie! As I got to spend the daytime hours of my new years eve alone I thought I’d give you [&hellip

1 jan

To plan or not to plan

Hi! It has come to my attention that we are no longer enjoying the year of 2013, but are instead [&hellip

28 Dec

VLOG – Morning hunt

Good morning! Today is my third day of hunting the rabbits at the vineyard and I thought I’d share the [&hellip

27 Dec

Evening Ride

Good evening! Today has been a good day! Firstly, the rain is gone and it has been a hot and [&hellip

27 Dec

Adventure Ride

Hi there guys! Finally I have managed to upload my motorcycle videos. This one is from our stay in Katoomba [&hellip

24 Dec

Swedish fancy fencing

Good evening! Christmas has come and in Australia it is celebrated a bit differently from the way we do it [&hellip

20 Dec

VLOG Arrival in Orange

Vlog from our arrival in Orange, NSW. This video features the first try with the bow that Felix and David [&hellip

10 Dec

Behind the Scenes

Good afternoon! Today, we decided to take a morning walk to the Minni Ha-ha waterfall, which according to the information [&hellip

9 Dec

Katoomba Falls

The day has come! After three decades of uploading, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. The video [&hellip

8 Dec

Hike to Leura Cascades

Howdie! It is today Someday, the eighth of December and we have spent.. well, a number of days in Katoomba, [&hellip

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