Australia Zoo

Alma Zoo – Thanks for informing people of the closedness on the website. A**holes


Some sweet sugary lizards


Big time Crocodile resting it’s nose above the water

Illustrative warning signs


Mama turtle eating some leavesDSC_0136

This little guy had escaped from his cage and was roaming the walkway


This is possibly the weirdes bird in the world. I’ll call him Bonehead, because he’s got bone on his head.


Did you know that Australia has the biggest herd of wild camels in the world?


Who needs friends when a total stranger can take a picture of you by the Koalas?


This wombat is approaching a lizard in it’s enclosement. (lizard on left)


My favorite bird – the laughing kookaburra. HE’S SO FLUFFY


Oh, you’re trying to take a picture of the kangaroo? Lemme just step right in front of him..


Joey Kangaroo is having lunch


Woooh! I got to pet one!


I got to pet this guys neighbour as well. Koalas have curly fur.


This sumatran tiger likes meat and milk. Preferably served on a long stick, up a tree


“LOOK AT THIS TIGER” Is what I imagine shorts-guy is thinking


Giraffes are fantasticly huge animals!


Here they’re walking togetgher, giving me the impression of those Star Wars robots approaching.


The Rhinos, Zebras and Giraffes were all in the same cage. I’m assuming they all eat grass.
DSC_0242This is a tasmanian devil


Yesterday, I decided to go to the Alma Zoo to watch some of the animals I hadn’t yet seen. After half an hour drive, I arrived outside the gates. Lo and behold, in the spirit of true Australian-ness, they had forgotten to update their website telling people that the zoo has been closed for over a week.

The good news however is that upon learning that, I decided to instead go to the Australia Zoo. On their website it said that they mostly had reptiles, as it’s sort of a Steve Irwin-zoo, but upon arrival, I learned they sure had alot of other animals as well.

Entry costs 59 dollars for adults, but it sure is worth it. I spent a good couple of hours walking around to be able to see everything. Then I drove home again.

Spotify Song of the Day: Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing




My situation has changed somewhat again and one part of my adventure has ended. As of friday this week, I do no loger work for Aussie Farmers Direct and instead intend to spend the money that I have managed to save by going on daytrips with the motorcycle and hopefully get to do a couple of scuba dives.

To celebrate my unemployment, the weather decided that a thunderstorm was the perfect way to to tell me I made the right choice. I had planned to go and buy a new GPS today as the USB-connector to my old new GPS has broken. The lightning bolts that appear every ten seconds accompanied by seriously heavy rain is making me reconsider and I’ll probably have to do that tomorrow instead.

Speaking of thunderstorms, I had a spectacularly rainy day last Thursday. According to my online weather sources, it rained over 80mm – and I was walking around in that all day. The worst bit though, was the ride home in darkness. My motorcycle helmet unfortunately isn’t fitted with a wiper, so the visibility wasn’t very good, also, my iPhone /packaged in a waterproof plastic bag in my waterproof riding gear) got wet and decided to not work anymore. A new battery including the work cost me $30, but I soon realised that there were other issues. My front camera isn’t working anymore, wifi is dead, bluetooth is dead and the power button has decided to get stuck in a mode where it turns the screen on every minute so the battery dies after half a day. Unfortunately therefor I don’t think there’ll be many updates on Instagram before I return home to Sweden and buy a new phone.

That’ll be all for now!

Spotify Song of the Day: Flogging Molly – A Prayer for Me in Silence