Meeting Swedes

beach bribie island
Bribie Beach (Coast side)
magpieFeeding a magpie Kiwi
Good day!

It is now a few days since we picked up our guest at Brisbane Airport and since then we really haven’t done much. Two of our number are “pretty content” with Yoga and lifting weights, but under the pretext of going to some chanting-healing event, we all went away for a daytrip to Bribie Island where the water was crystal clear and the sand was white as snow. Albin and I left before the banging of the drums began.

After that however, the days have been spent doing nothing in particular, so to cure myself from this apathy, I went to a Swedish get-together in the city.

It is nice to get to meet fellow countrymen and to get to speak my own language with people I have never met before. I also learnt why so many people down here have zip ties on their bike helmets. Apparently, the magpies get very territorial during nesting season and decide to attack people – unless they have zip ties on, because then the magpies confuse them with hedgehogs. Clever birds.

Nuff said.

Spotify Song of the Day: The Strokes – Gratisfaction

Going to Tamborine

Packed and ready!

View from Mount Tamborine
View from Lamington National Park

There were some Alpacas there as well
Selfie on the mountain
Greetings mortals!

It has yet again been adventure time as Felix, David and I were asked to go and visit Matthews father to help him with some work in exchange for food and shelter for a couple of days.

The journey wasn’t much more than an hour from Redcliffe and John lives just next to Mount Tamborine, which in itself made the journey worthwhile for me on the bike as the road up is the bendiest I have ever seen and the views from up there were amazing as well!

After spending a few hours helping John take down a tree with a chainsaw, pulling a dead blacksnake out of a hole, moving a pile of bricks full of spiders and other fun activities, we spent the rest of the days playing pool, guitar and otherwise chillaxing.

The day before going back to Redcliffe I was recommended to go to O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat as there are several fantastic views and beautiful tracks in the rainforest environment. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go hiking as I didn’t have anywhere to put my bike-gear, but just the road in itself made it worthwhile. A video will be uploaded shortly!

That’ll be all for now!

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It is time for yet another update regarding our status over here.

After spending last saturday pouring concrete into what would then become the new back yard, we were informed that the happy new tenants for the downstairs unit would indeed be us. This despite the fact there had been quite a few others placing bids, because that is how it works down here.

If you are interested in renting something and others are interested, people apparently do the following; offer to pay extra rent, offer to stay longer, offer to pay several weeks rent up front. What I’d recommend though is to get to know the landlord and help out with stuff.

Along with renting a place for a longer period of time however comes the need for a job and there are quite a few questions surrounding that subject, most of which are yet a mystery to me. I have so far applied to a few jobs on gumtree, and was at an interview this morning, which in itself was an experience as English is my second language. The interview being made in a group however, and the position apparently being as a phone salesman made it clear quite quickly that it wasn’t really the job for me.

A thought worth thinking is that I should perhaps pick up the hammer once again and resume carpentry for a while. To be eligeble for work in construction in Australia however, you need get yourself a white card. These are different in each state and costs between 50-100 dollars a pop, depending on if you do them online or in person. Doing one in person should have the benefit of possibly getting in contact with someone hiring.

That’s enough rambling for today!

P.S. The spiders in the picture are residing in the tree just outside our caravan and I believe the big one (to the left (about 10cm)) is some kind of Orb Spider, probably a female surrounded by a bunch of males as per usual.

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Travelling Pics

Unloaded bike by the campsite. Nashdale, NSW

IMG_1126Heading north, west of Nashdale NSW

Middle of nowhere, heading to Newcastle NSW

IMG_1129Same as above, heading to Newcastle NSW

Behind the Scenes


Good afternoon!

Today, we decided to take a morning walk to the Minni Ha-ha waterfall, which according to the information board at the hostel is located 2 kilometres from the hostel. This however was wrong, and the walk turned out to be around 5 kilometres to the waterfall and then obviously the same distance back. What disappointed me however is that everywhere else we’ve been walking, there has been awesome rainforest trails with a bunch of pretty sights, but on the way to Minni Ha-ha we walked on roads and sidewalks and it was.. not very entertaining.

When on site, the trail to the waterfall was absolutely great, with cool cliffs, big drops and steep stairs and to get to the little lagoon, you walk through a bunch of bushes. On the trail we ran into a bunch of people with camera equipment (far superior to my GoPro) who were apparently recording a tap dance session for So You Think You Can Dance (as seen in the picture above). All in all, it was a good workout.

If you’re in Katoomba and can spare the time, you should definitely pay the Minni Ha-ha’s a visit, but don’t walk there. Go by bus, car or bike, or the boots you wear for the hike down will be very hot.

Spotify Song of the Day: Monty Python – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life