Meeting Swedes

beach bribie island
Bribie Beach (Coast side)
magpieFeeding a magpie Kiwi
Good day!

It is now a few days since we picked up our guest at Brisbane Airport and since then we really haven’t done much. Two of our number are “pretty content” with Yoga and lifting weights, but under the pretext of going to some chanting-healing event, we all went away for a daytrip to Bribie Island where the water was crystal clear and the sand was white as snow. Albin and I left before the banging of the drums began.

After that however, the days have been spent doing nothing in particular, so to cure myself from this apathy, I went to a Swedish get-together in the city.

It is nice to get to meet fellow countrymen and to get to speak my own language with people I have never met before. I also learnt why so many people down here have zip ties on their bike helmets. Apparently, the magpies get very territorial during nesting season and decide to attack people – unless they have zip ties on, because then the magpies confuse them with hedgehogs. Clever birds.

Nuff said.

Spotify Song of the Day: The Strokes – Gratisfaction