VLOG – Middle of nowhere


Good day again!

Just thought I’d share this VLOG made during the journey from Orange to Port Macquire and give you an update on our new status.

This morning, we left Manly and went a bit north to Redcliffe, which is (I think) also a suburb of Brisbane. Our ambition is to rent a unit in a house near by the beach. We found the ad for the place on gumtree just as we arrived in Manly and once there for an inspection, we did what we Swedes do best – We helped build stuff, and was offered a free dinner and to spend the  night in the caravan joust outside the main building.

The next day, there were some more work to be done and we offered to help. In return, we are to get free accommodation in the caravan (though for an unspecified ammount of time.) Hopefully this will put us on top of the list of possible tenants!

Renting a unit, or an apartment or a house for that matter in Australia is quite different from the systems we use in Sweden. In Australia, almost all places for rent are owned by ordinary people, contrary to Sweden where bigger organisations usually have the ownership of the apartment buildings. This, I suppose can be both good and bad as the rent is not in any way regulated down here. This place for instance is 275 AUD per week (6900 SEK). It is however 70 meters from the beach and all bills are included.

That’ll be all for now!

Spotify Song of the Day: The Clash – Bankrobber

VLOG – The way we live


As I got to spend the daytime hours of my new years eve alone I thought I’d give you guys a view of what kind of accomodation you get for $35 per week as well as some backpacker protips for those of you who are yearning for knowledge

If you are yearning for some tips I’ll make my rather short list down below;

1. Being a backpacker, it is good to save money. There will come a time when you will need to decide if you’re going to go shopping at Kathmandu or K-mart. We chose Kathmandu, not knowing about the quality nor prices at K-mart. Turns out K-mart was half price, if that.

2. Huntsman spiders are “harmless”, but huge by Swedish standards. I have chosen the rather careful approach to things with a few too many legs as it is easy to run into dangerous bugs and spiders if you live like we do, in a tent.

3. If you’re looking for manual work in NSW in December or February/March. Go to Orange and pick cherries (December) or Apples (February/March). The job is easy and if you know how to work your hands and follow instructions, you will get hired. If you need a place to stay – google ‘Hostel Orange NSW’ and you will find this place.

Arkstedt Out!

Spotify Song of the Day: Black Sabbath – Changes


VLOG – Morning hunt

Good morning!

Today is my third day of hunting the rabbits at the vineyard and I thought I’d share the experience of going up early and sitting in the perfect spot as the sun is rising, watching and waiting.

There’s really not alot much else going on – as it is saturday today, we’re thinking of maybe going to “the lake” which is apparently the place to be on hot days, or taking a drive up “the mountain” which is the other spot in the vicinity that could pass as an adventurous place.

If it’s interesting enough, I may film some of it and upload it here. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Spotify Song of the Day: The St. Louis Ocarina Trio – The Dragonborn Comes

Swedish fancy fencing

Good evening!

Christmas has come and in Australia it is celebrated a bit differently from the way we do it in Sweden. We started our day with some table tennis in the shed next to our tent, then went on to do some serious fencing for the vinyard where we live.

Our christmas eve was topped of with the swedish national dish; Tacos. To go with that we just happened to run in to some Swedish Rekordelig Strawberry Cider, that tasted exactly like midsummer.

I believe the video says it all, so I’m going to leave you with that until further notice.

Take care!

Spotify Song of the Day: John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane

VLOG Katoomba

Good morning!

Once again the internet has broken down completely at the hostel and so it takes a year and a half to upload the videos. Here’s the VLOG from day 2 in Katoomba. Uploading our adventure video to Katoomba Falls right now and hope to be able to update the site tonight.

Spotify Song of the day: Live – I Walk The Line

VLOG Last day in Glebe


After several days of non existent internet connections we have access to one that works. Hence it’s time to start uploading my VLOGS. This one is from the last day in Glebe when we were just about to check out from the Haven inn.