VLOG – Middle of nowhere


Good day again!

Just thought I’d share this VLOG made during the journey from Orange to Port Macquire and give you an update on our new status.

This morning, we left Manly and went a bit north to Redcliffe, which is (I think) also a suburb of Brisbane. Our ambition is to rent a unit in a house near by the beach. We found the ad for the place on gumtree just as we arrived in Manly and once there for an inspection, we did what we Swedes do best – We helped build stuff, and was offered a free dinner and to spend the  night in the caravan joust outside the main building.

The next day, there were some more work to be done and we offered to help. In return, we are to get free accommodation in the caravan (though for an unspecified ammount of time.) Hopefully this will put us on top of the list of possible tenants!

Renting a unit, or an apartment or a house for that matter in Australia is quite different from the systems we use in Sweden. In Australia, almost all places for rent are owned by ordinary people, contrary to Sweden where bigger organisations usually have the ownership of the apartment buildings. This, I suppose can be both good and bad as the rent is not in any way regulated down here. This place for instance is 275 AUD per week (6900 SEK). It is however 70 meters from the beach and all bills are included.

That’ll be all for now!

Spotify Song of the Day: The Clash – Bankrobber