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5 feb

Moving in and Guest!

Shopping cart at K-mart Good evening! The day of days has come and passed. We are now officially living in [&hellip

1 feb

Going to Tamborine

Packed and ready! View from Mount TamborineView from Lamington National Park There were some Alpacas there as wellGreetings mortals! It [&hellip

20 jan


Ahoy! It is time for yet another update regarding our status over here. After spending last saturday pouring concrete into [&hellip

16 jan

Blue Blubber Melting

Good evening, One thing I was quite worried about when thinking about the adventure in Australia.. It wasn’t the snakes, [&hellip

12 jan


Good day! We have now successfully arrived in Manly, just east of Brisbane after a couple of hours on the [&hellip

2 jan

VLOG – The way we live

Howdie! As I got to spend the daytime hours of my new years eve alone I thought I’d give you [&hellip

1 jan

To plan or not to plan

Hi! It has come to my attention that we are no longer enjoying the year of 2013, but are instead [&hellip

10 Dec

Behind the Scenes

Good afternoon! Today, we decided to take a morning walk to the Minni Ha-ha waterfall, which according to the information [&hellip

8 Dec

Hike to Leura Cascades

Howdie! It is today Someday, the eighth of December and we have spent.. well, a number of days in Katoomba, [&hellip

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