The picking of the cherries


Good morning!

It is now day something of our stay in Orange, NSW and we seem to have settled down well enough. It’s not that hard to get used to sleeping in a tent as long as it is bug-proof and you have a proper airbed (which we do).

What’s happened in the last few days is the following:

1. We’ve gotten bored with picking cherries as it is about the dullest job you can have, and if you are inexperienced the pay is terrible (around 12 AUD per hour)

2. The car has been to a proper mechanic who passed it for next years rego, which is nice as the K-mart mechanics in Katoomba decided any cosmetic damage (of which there was alot) made it unsafe to drive on the road.

3. We’ve changed cherry farm, which unfortunately means that we have no work today. Although as our accomodation for this week is free, we’re quite satisfied anyway.

4. The tension of living so close to other people takes it’s toll on my mood and so last night i realised the best cure for a bad mood is an evening bike ride. The result of which will be published sometime soon, I hope.

That’ll be all for now. In 1348 minutes, my bike riding video will be uploaded and I can make a new post.